Elliott found that changes in mass psychology showed up in repeatable waves within the markets. These waves are the core foundations of the Elliott Wave Theory. While there are many Elliott Wave charting software programs in the marketplace, users still soft fx forex simulator need to understand how Elliott Waves are formed to help them apply it on the chart.

This will become more apparent when we look at the best Elliott high frequency trading ea Wave software the best automated forex trading robot further down the article. For now, lets look at the two types of wave formations that construct the Elliott soft fx forex simulator Wave pattern.

The first half of the Elliott Wave pattern is called the Motive Wave. This is formed by five smaller waves called impulse waves and diagonal waves. Both waves form a five wave pattern called the Motive Wave which typically forms in line with a larger trend. In soft fx forex simulator a broader uptrend, the first wave of a motive pattern consists of a weak rally with only a small percentage of traders participating.

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Once wave one is over, the market retraces in wave two. Typically, the sell-off in wave two is vicious but does not take out the previous low, allowing the start of a turnaround and another rally. This rally begins wave three which starts off slow, but after breaking the high of wave one, the rally picks up momentum with traders adding fx forex simulator soft positions to not miss the move. Wave four consists of traders profit taking from soft fx forex simulator the move higher causing a pullback in price, which is usually more orderly than the pullback in wave two. As some soft fx forex traders simulator would have missed the whole move higher, a few remaining buyers step in at the end of wave four to soft fx forex simulator start another rally at the beginning of wave five. However, this rally lacks enthusiasm and eventually tops out. In a broader downtrend, the first wave of a motive soft fx pattern forex simulator consists of a weak sell off with only a small percentage of traders participating. Once wave one is over, the fx simulator soft forex market retraces in wave two. Typically, the soft fx forex simulator rally higher forex trading software south africa in wave two is vicious but does not take out the previous soft forex fx simulator high, allowing the start of a turnaround and another sell-off.

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This sell-off begins soft fx forex simulator wave three, which starts off slow, but after breaking the low of wave one soft fx forex simulator the sell-off picks up momentum with traders adding short positions to not miss the soft fx forex simulator move, or traders exiting long positions to get out while they can. Wave four soft fx forex simulator consists of traders profit taking from the move lower causing a pullback in prices, which is usually more orderly than the pullback in wave two. As some traders would have missed the whole move lower, a few remaining short sellers step in fx simulator forex soft at the end of wave four to forex simulator soft fx start another sell-off at the beginning of wave five. However, this sell-off lacks enthusiasm soft fx forex simulator and eventually bottoms out. Typically, the motive wave cycles are numbered using the minor Elliott Wave degree numbering system. Not all Elliott Wave trading software offers different wave degree numbering systems. However, in the best Elliott Wave software section, we will go through how you can access it completely free with Admiral Markets forex trading software for Elliott Wave. For now, lets go through the second half of the Elliott Wave pattern. Corrective waves can be a bit more difficult to master than motive waves. However, by sticking to the simple corrective wave patterns, with the help of a proper Elliott Wave charting software platform, it can be much easier.

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Typically, corrective waves consist of three waves, and occur after a five-wave motive pattern. The three-wave correction is also known as an ABC corrective pattern, or a ZigZag correction, due to the Elliott Wave numbering system and forex how fx simulator soft the pattern looks. In a broader uptrend, wave A consists of a small decline in price as traders bank their profits and exit the market. As the broader trend is up, some buyers step into the market at the beginning of Wave B, in a weak rally higher. At the beginning of Wave C, more fx soft forex simulator buyers exit the market after seeing the original decline in Wave A. This also attracts the interest of short sellers who also join in, pressurising the market lower.

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